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TempusFlow Non-Invasive IoT Smart System

> Fits on existing Ball, Rotational, Butterfly… “dumb valves”

> Uses 3D space position of handle to measure product flow

> Ultra-Simple Start-up & 1/10th the Upgrade Cost of Smart Valves

> No New-Plumbing or Modifications, 5 Minute Calibration

> Data Compatible with Upstream IOT Systems/Cloud/BLE

> Extreme 24/7/365*X - Remote Measurement & Management

Smart and Easy IoT


IoT Family of
Flow/Positional Sensors

"We Make Simple Things Smart"

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Keep it Flowing!

Keep it Green!


  • Patented IP

  • Zero Debt/Privately Held

  • Lowest Cost Solution

  • Market Size & Timing


  • Proven Track Record

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Value & Ethics

  • Passion & Execution


  • Development Partners

  • Strategic Partners

  • Investment Partners

  • VAR/OEM/Integrators

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Anurag Yadav

CTO Architect

TempusFlow Changes how we measure and optimize usage of our worlds natural resources!

Elisabeth Kochenower

Business and Operations Partner

TempusFlow offers IoT Smart Valve Technology at the lowest cost value!

Christopher Toner


Proud of the Team bringing TempusFlow to Launch!

Michael Bridges

Systems Engineer

The vision was clear from day one!

The Founders:

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